Interruption Ads

Interruption Ads
When it comes to digital marketing, one cannot underestimate the importance of the content. This is why we have a team of professional...

Want to know why Facebook is worth tens of BILLIONS of dollars? It allows us to target very specific people. Want your ads to specifically reach your customers based on the following?

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Age
  • Income
  • Shopping (behavioral online shopping history- ex: they purchase sports equipment)
  • Life Events (anniversaries, engagements, marriages, birthdays, etc.)
  • Ethnicity
  • Location (all the way down to zip code)
  • Social Connections (industry events, associations, competitors businesses, etc.)
  • Career
  • Education
  • Hobbies (gardening, pets, music, travel, etc.)
  • Beauty (down to brand preference)
  • Spending power (how much they historically spend online)
  • THOUSANDS of other targeting factors

We can even target past website visitors who didn’t purchase your product with a “retargeting ad” that tries to close the loop with them.

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While we were used to working with a lot of ad agencies for different parts of our campaigns, last year, after a refreshingly successful ad campaign by these guys, we’ve decided to handle all of our activities to them!

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